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Seeking for an income while traveling full time, or ready to work doing what you love? 

We are seeking for full time and part time content creators 

to write travel guides!


Digital Nomad


Seeking for freedom

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Turn your hobby into a part-time or full time job, writing travel guides !

Seek for freedom.

Travel + Income $

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Are you a full / part time traveller but want to earn an income on the road ? Travel & Work with us

Do what you love

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Are you a content creator & want to finally work in what you love ?

Let's start creating together!

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Travel Guides

Create travel guides with detailed information on:

- How to get there

-What to see

-What to expect

-What to do



Edit 2 trendy and creative reels

for our instagram page or in Collab with your account.

Reels can be related to:

- Travel education



Share a post on your instagram account related to the blog travel post you create.

The Instagram travel post must:

- Be high quality image

-Tag us on your post / Story

Exclusive Content 

Create exclusive travel content with a paid membership or one time payment. 

These exclusive travel guides must include:

- What to see, where to go, where to eat & where to sleep 

Download our PDF terms & conditions, how to get paid, how to join the team, & get great benefits.  [ Coming soon ]

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