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Phuket, Thailand Itinerary - 10 - 14 days.

Traveling to Thailand Phuket was the best destination I have been too ever. Thailand is so special, magical, and such a fun vibe. I will share my travel itinerary of Phuket, Thailand with cool places to visit, islands, & day tours.

Thailand is a very Under-rated destination, but I highly recommend taking the leap into traveling to this amazing country with your partner, friends, honeymoon, or even solo trip! Thailand, has so many variety of city walks, hikes, National parks to explore & markets to eat.

Is Thailand, Phuket a safe destination to travel to"?

Ready to visit the most breath taking beaches and islands in Phuket Thailand? We got you set & ready with our free Tavel guide!


Take into consideration the, best months to travel to Phuket Thailand according to the weather and seasons.. According to our forecast before traveling it indicated it will be rainy and thunderstorms... we were very fortune because EVERYDAY was sunny and beautiful. So never really.... trust the weather forecast haha..

The best time to visit the Southern Thailand is during the dry season(Nov – April). Expect pleasant temperatures and sunny days, but know that it can be a bit humid.

Also, our style of itinerary was cool beach vibes, a few hikes, island hopping and plenty of relaxing days on the beach just chilling or sipping on bucket mojitos..

& even tho Hotel rates are really good in Thai, we didn't do any crazy luxury instagram hoteles.. just because we preferred to enjoy the outdoors.

& it was perfect!

* I will only mention some of the hoteles we stayed at so you can have a reference, however, on booking there are many other interesting options to consider and pick for yourself :)

A Trip you won’t regret & one to remember for the rest of your life!!!

Search & book your flight to Phuket, Thailand & let the adventure begin!

What we did was book hotels as we were traveling because we wanted to be more flexible on staying more days in certain islands if we wanted to.. & it worked out just fine!


Arrive to Phuket city... (1 night)

When we traveled to Thailand, covid was still going around.. so we had to do 24 hours of quarantine in Phuket, and PCR test at the airport. I am sure things are more flexible now, so quarantine and PCR test might not be mandatory. ALWAYS double check on official Thai gov. sites. Either way, quarantine or not, I do believe this hotel is ok to spend the first night, and kick of your Thailand travels.

Things to do the first night:

- Check out your surroundings

- Eat something nearby

- Relax

- & buy a SIM card for your phone

The first night we literally just chilled, found a place to eat near by, bought a SIM card for our phones in 7 -Elleven, to be able to use google maps, booking and instagram.

We stayed the first night @ the BLUE MONKEY HOTEL.

( 1 night)

Ko- Phi - Phi Islands: (3 nights)

Ko-Phi phi Island, is the most famous island that is a must! It's true it definitely is more of a party vibe island, which some people don't fancy to much.. However I loved the vibe! It was a chill party vibe, which made it super interesting.

(originally was going to stay only 2 nights, and ended up staying 4 nights, wishing it was still more haha ). (4 nights)

Things to do in Ko-phi phi island:

- Walk around the town

- Try LOCAL Thai food

- Go to the beach

- Drink bucket mojitos.. over & over again..

- Meet other travellers

- See the fire-show at night in the beach

- Check out the full day Island tours

- Eat at a ocean view toes in your sand restaurant

- Drink a lot of cocktails...

- Go to the pool

- buy cute island clothes

- Drink coco water from a coccount

What full day island tours did we do?

Tour 1:

Maya Bay 5 islands..

Explore the most amazing islands, and snorkelling spots around Ko-phi-phi island in a long tail Thai boat. We toke the half- day tour, but there are plenty of island tour options you can choose from and negotiate the price. This tour 1 included:

  • Khai Islands (snorkeling, swimming)

  • Maya Bay (Leonardo Dicaprio's famous movie spot)

  • Monkey Beach (sightseeing)

  • Pileh Lagoon (sightseeing, swimming)

  • Lo Sama Bay (snorkeling)

  • Back to Ko- phi phi island.

Raliay Beach: (3 nights)

You reserve on any tour stand a speedboat to Riley Beach.. for the time you prefer. To be honest, most people come to Railay Beach to relax; the vibe is much more laidback than Ao Nang, Phuket, and Koh Phi Phi. So, if you’re looking for a destination with lots to do, Railay Beach might not be the place for you. However, if you’re looking for a place to unwind, you won’t find a better destination in Thailand to do so.

Make sure to walk 5 min. to Railway West where they have the beautiful beach front restaurant / resort and beautiful beach, because the southern-east side or Riley town is a reggae - hippy, weed vibe.. But the beach is very beautiful and worth to go.

Things to do in Riley beach:

- Chill at the beach

- Eat at a cool vibe restaurant by the beach

- Take island tours

- Hikes

- Explore the caves (no tour required)

- Princess cave hike

Tour 1:

KHAO PHING KAN - James Bond Island full day

This is another very popular and famous island tour around.. this name came after the shooting of the James Bond movie in 1974 “The Man With the Golden Gun”. After that, it became a famous tourist destination in Thailand.

This tour includes a stop at a fishing village and enjoy a delicious lunch, Paddle a sea canoe around Talu Island. * This may vary according the the tour terms and conditions.

This tour might be "better" to take from Phuket or from Krabi, however, you might be able to take it from Ko - phi phi island as well.

Tour 2:

Hong Island full day

This beautiful cliff-enclosed island is located about a one-hour boat ride from Railay. It offers more spectacular rock formations, secluded beaches, and snorkeling opportunities. I saw a picture of Hong Island on Instagram and had to have this tour on my itinerary without a doubt, and it certainly did not disappoint !

Such a beautiful, relaxing beach, and beautiful spot for instagramable pics.

Back to Phuket Town (3 nights)

From Riley buy a ferry / speedboat ticket to Phuket on any tour stand. (You will tell them in the morning before getting on the ferry/ speedboat what is your exact destination town in Phuket)

We decided to go to Kata Beach in Phuket. and spend a few days there to visit the surrounding beaches, enjoy a cool hotel & do some local town sight-seeing.

What to do in the city of Phuket:

  • Wander around the night markets

  • Eat LOCAL Thai food in the night markets

  • Eat fresh BBQ fish

  • Visit the famous party street at night (Pataong Street)

  • Visit the ‘brand’ & souvenir market (Patong Street)

  • Swim and see the sunset in the beach

  • Visit the local beaches in Phuket

  • Visit cute cafe's

  • Visit Similian Isalnd tour

  • Visit Bamboo Island

  • Visit the Big BUHDA

  • Monkey Sight-seeing

  • Elephant Sanctuary tour

  • Meditate and learn the Buddhism culture&religion

  • Get a tattoo

  • Catamaran Tour (extra)

(Choose your tour)

Tour 1: (FREE )

Visit the Big BUHDA

Before Arriving to Thailand, I was already a fan of meditation, what the buhda represents and learning a lot about the buhdisim culture and religion.. I was very excited about this FREE TOUR, and it didn't disappoint! The BIG BUHDA was B I G & B E A U T I F U L. Also, I came across a great surprise that you can go inside and do a 7 min. practice meditate with a lady for free. It was so beautiful, special, calming, and magical to meditate inside the big buhda.

You can also, see monkey around that area freely and wild.

Go early because it's very hot and full of people surely..

How to arrive? Moto-taxi. We went up in moto-taxi and decided to do the way down walking through a non- visual track... where we had monkeys jumping above our heads.. haha it was scary, and quite difficult the hike back down, but it was fun!

Tour 2:

Similian Islands Tour (Best Island on Instagram)

This island is out of this world beautiful !!! Ok, so truth is I didn't go, & I regret it so much not going!! :( So please go for me haha. Every picture looks like its the most perfect beach and island in this world. Find any tour desk around the town and buy your tour!

Tour 3:

Bamboo Island or (Koh Mai Phai)

Bamboo Island is another amazing blue water, breath-taking, instagram perfect island. It's also a perfect spot for snorkeling. Between Phi Phi Don and Bamboo Island stands a notable coral reef known as Hin Klang, which provides visitors with the sensation of bathing in an aquarium.

Tour 4:

Koh KHAI NOK Island

Phuket is known for the best islands and beaches to enjoy an escape voyage from reality. Each island has its own unique beauty compared to others; there is no better way to explore this city than going from island to another island. If you're not sure which island to go on, the top-rated one is Koh Khai, ready to serve you the best vacation ever!

Koh Khai Nok is a small island nestled in Phang Nga Bay, only about 30 minutes drive from the east coast of Phuket. Despite its relatively small area, Koh Khai Nok still has a lot to explore.

You can do a lot of swimming, snorkeling and bar drinking here.

Tour 5:

Catamaran Tour

This was another cool chill tour to do, which was on our list but didn't end up doing it because it was not on our budget.. but if your up to do everything or nothings it's a great option!

On this tour, cruise through the waves by catamaran and soak up the views from on-deck. Sip a cocktail with a delicious lunch on-board, with time to swim and sunbathe before watching the sun set on the horizon.

  • Experience the best of Phuket’s coastal scenery from the water, by catamaran

  • Swim, sunbathe, and catch the beautiful sunset at your leisure

  • A delicious buffet lunch is included on your tour

  • Optional upgrade to include pickup and drop-off at your Phuket hotel

Tour 6:

Phang Nga- National Park

Another amazing spot to change it up from all the island hopping and see the other side of beauty that Thailand has to offer.. is this majestic beautiful National Park with a lot to offer.

Research before the best way to get there from where you are. There are also mini-van tours who take you and have everything planned for you.

Tour 7:

Elephant Sanctuary - half day tour from Phuket

Visiting and spending an afternoon in the elephant sanctuary.. a love & hate relationship with this tour.. because.. While going to visit the BIG BUHDA we saw a few tour companies who offer this and the elephants looked mistreated, forced, and not happy... We even saw a restaurant who had a huge real life elephant in a cage in front of their restaurant to bring people in.. the poor elephant was in a cage not even able to move... So..

We looked a lot for a ethical tour where we can attend a open tour elephant hospital, or somehow see them in the wild, or just bath with them and NOT ride them.. but we didn't find one 100% ethical elephant tour in Phuket. I heard in Bankok, they have better ones. NOT sure about that but yeah, It was a tour we were disappointed we didn't do, but happy we followed our ethical thoughts as well.

FREE famous beaches to see around:

  • Freedom Beach - There is no hotels, no easy signed track, no restaurants and no facilities. Only sand and sea. it's the perfect virgin beach. Check on google reviews, and google maps on how to get there. It's definitely worth the hype.

  • Promthep Cape Hike - Promthep Cape is a rocky headland that sticks out into the Andaman Sea, and is the most southern point of Phuket Island.

  • Kamala Beach - Kamala Beach is a quiet stretch of sand located around 9.5 km north of Patong in Phuket.

  • Kata viewpoint hike - Karon View Point offers one of the best views in Phuket. From the vantage spot, one can see Karon Beach as well as Kata Beach below.

Yes, Thailand Phuket is a safe destination to travel to & the most beautiful"

However, as a traveller to ANY destination, you must ALWAYS be careful, take precautions, surround yourself with other trustworthy travellers, carry extra food, money, map, & let someone else know where you are headed, ect.


Other destinations if you have a longer vacation:

Other Cities to visit in Thailand, if you have a longer vacation...?

Other great cities / places to Visit in Thailand

  • Chiang Mai

  • Bangkok

  • Trang

  • Ayutthaya

  • Phang Nga

What hoteles to stay in, Phuket, Ko- phi-phi, Railay, island?

When booking a hotel in Thailand, we would look for something comfortable, nice, not to pricy and VERY centric. There are soo many amazing good price hoteles in Thailand, just check the distance and place it's located. Moto taxis - taxis, are inexpensive so it's easy to get around. & we would pay around AUD$ 25 - 80 the night for both of us, private room.

But there are some beautiful un real hotels in Thailand you can find at a fare rate, however higher then what we were paying for..

Phuket town:

Great Cheap Co-working hostel with an attractive outdoor tub, fast internet, some free breakfast snacks, and pool. (Read the reviews)

We also stayed more nights around Patong beach, closer to the beach and wild life city at night.

Kata Beach in Phuket:

In this hotel we had the most fun because of the water slides!! haha we preferred a fun hotel then an sinstragramable hotel lol.

Phi Phi Island:

This is not the most beautiful hotel, but it was very very very centric. Literally had the markets, bars, beach, restaurants walking distance. It was cheap, clean & perfect for us; with that being said, we stayed here 3 nights. I do recommend this hotel, however there are other options to consider as well around the area.

Railay Beach:

Railay Beach has TWO sides of the island. One side is a very hippy rasta town, cool vibe, but I was pretty shocked at the beginning. However, on the other side of the Island (walking distance) 8 min. you have the beautiful beachfront resorts and cafe's. We stayed at a very cheap bungalow, in the hippy side. This was the only hotel I didn't really like. It was VERY OK for the price however not the best... I am sure there are better ones, anyhow, I willl still share where we stayed for 2 nights.

Don't hesitate to visit this amazing dreamy destination & get to see the amazing islands, a diverse land, culture, gastronomy it has to offer!

Please leave your feed back and comments below if you have visited any of these pleces on your vacation trip & if this guide was helpful to you :)

Thank you & please share with any friends this guide if they are around the area ready to explore!

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