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What to do in the Whitsundays - Airlie Beach

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Whitsundays - Airlie Beach, the most famous & loved destination in Australia. Known for its amazing islands, great adventurous tours, and cool night life. Tag alone, to see what you can do here on your next vacation trip!

Check out our 'must things to do in Airlie Beach - Whitsundays Island'. Some of these activities are paid tours, followed by top restaurants/bars, and also free things to do around Airlie Beach.

Whitsundays - Airlie Beach, Australia. The most loved destination in Australia, are you ready to discover it?

I spend more then 10 months living in this amazing destination, Airlie Beach, the heart of the reef of the Whitsundays Island. Exploring the city, the mountains, and the Islands; it was a great experience, & paradise to call home.

What to do in Airlie Beach? What to explore in Whitsundays Island?

Let's jump right into this & list out all the great experiences & places you can discover in this paradise.

1. Hydaway bay beach

Hydeaway Bay Beach is on the coast of the Whitsundays, around 45 minutes drive north of the tourist town of Airlie Beach. This bay is a perfect afternoon gateway, for a relaxing & beautiful day. You can find a few resort bars to stay for a drink or have Lunch with a waterfront view. Or take some picnic essentials, and spend the afternoon on the white sands of the bay.

Things recommended to do on Hydaway Bay: Paddel, watch the sunset, picnic, walk from one end to the other.

2. Cedar creek falls

Cedar Creek fall blew me away of how simple but beautiful nature can be. The fresh waterhole, butterflies, green, & the calmness this spot offers. #Cedarcreekfall is a great spot for an afternoon Adventure with friends, family or even solo trip! Don't waist time always going to the same spot, get out there & discover all the amazing hidden gems the #Whitsundays has to offer.

Recommendation: Great spot to visit because, it is such a short drive, & easy walk. literally a few steps from the carpark. So get out there & discover!

3. The rocks bar & pool

I discovered this bar when I was already leaving Airlie Beach, & honestly quite disappointed I didn't spend more late afternoons here.. Trust me, a great vibe spot for cocktails, a dip in the pool, and sunset afternoons. Entry is free when you consume at the bar or restaurant. Take your swimsuit, and a beach outfit to even dip your toes in the sand bar. The Rocks has become the hottest location in Airlie Beach.

Recommendation: Go around 4 pm. & stay until sunset hour. Take a dip in the pool & a cute beach outfit to even enjoy the sand bar.

4. Walk by the Boardwalk of Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach, definitely wins for the the most amazing views of a small beach town. Taking an afternoon walk or even a morning run by the Boardwalk of Airlie Beach will leave you speechless. These view never get old, & it does refresh your mind. Enjoy Airlie Beach, by discovering and walking around every corner.

Recommendation: Enjoy the Boardwalk of Airlie Beach walking, running or renting a local scooter in the Main Street by dominos pizza.

5. Skydiving

Skydiving has become one of the most popular things to do in Airlie Beach, Whitsundays Island & I can definitely understand why so; the amazing view from the top of Airlie Beach, is just so amazing & breathtaking. The professional team behind this tour gives you so much confidence and allows you to live the most adventurous moment of your life.

Recommendation: Check local tour reviews on which company is best with price & value.

6. OceanSafari tours (Whitehaven beach and hill inlet tour)

I've done a few tours with OceanSafari, & they never disappoint. Ocean Safari Tours are very professional, funny, safe, & knows the best spots. They offer tours according to your needs, and specialise in snorkelling in the best spots in the Great Barrier Reef. Check out their Whitehaven beach & hill inlet tour.

7. Mika restaurant & bar view

Mika Restaurant bar has it all in one place. Great view, great food, & great vibe. Definitely a place to dine in, or just go for the drinks and the view. Happy hour from 4-6 pm. & with a great selection of good and tasty food… with a Spanish / Latin American bent. Vegetarian & vegan options available also!

8. Airlie Lagoon

Airlie Lagoon, a place I would spend most of my afternoons, mornings & evening; in summer & in winter, either way still great weather to enjoy and go for a swim. The first time I came to Airlie Beach, I spend 2 weeks without knowing about this cool pool with an amazing view... so I don't want the same thing happening to you.. Don't forget to check this free spot out and go for a swim!

9. Coral beach walk

Conway National Park, Airlie Beach-Shute Harbour Road Whitsunday Area, Airlie Beach, Queensland Australia. The easiest, most accessible yet possibly the most beautiful of our half-day walks, this trail leads you past glimpses of the coastline and through coastal forest and scrub filled with birds and butterflies.

10. Hamilton Island

Hamilton island is one of the most popular destinations in the Whitsunday region, & I don't blame it. It is the most beautiful cool Islands around town! From a relaxing cool pool bar access, to luxury accommodations, cafes, bars, supermarkets, zoos & water activities all in one place. You can choose to spend the day walking around, doing water activities, hikes, or just chill at the pool bar; OR stay for a few nights in any of their accommodation options and explore in debt the Island. I went to spend the day, but there is so much to see that 1 full day is not enough.

Recommendation: Check on booking or other sites for accommodation promotion.

Check out all the walk trail to do Here

11. Camping in Whitehaven Beach

This by far was one of my fav. experiences, camping in the most beautiful beach in Australia, Whitehaven Beach.

Camping in Whitehaven Beach is extremely cheap, it just cost $6.50 per person / per night. All you have to do is book your campsite on the offical NP website here

How to get there?? There only really 2 ways to get there.. renting your own private boat for the days that you will be camping in the beach, or like most of us do through: Scamper. (it's a reliable tour that does the transfers to all the islands) check their website here to reserve your spot.

Recommendation: You can have your own camping gear or you can hire your equipment with Scamper as well as the transfer to the beach.

12. Camira Tour

Camira Tour in the Whitsundays is one cool tour I recommend doing. Best way to see around the Whitsunday Island is sailing around & going snorkelling. This tour includes all you can eat & drink + snorkelling activity. Check out their main website to see all the tour features & cost: link

Recommendation: If you work for Daydream Island, or Hamilton island you get a 50% discount on all the tours.

13. Scenic flight

Reef & Island 60 minute signature scenic flight includes an amazing view of the Whitsunday Islands & the Great Barrier Reef. Fly over the iconic Heart Reef, Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet's swirling sands with a guaranteed window seat. I haven't done this tour personally, but all my friend who have said its so amazing, breathtaking views, and worth it!

14. Jetski around the Islands

Explore the blissful Whitsunday Islands from a unique vantage point during this action-packed jet ski tour. Solo or with a friend, you will explore the scenic waterways around Daydream and South Molle Islands while pausing for photos, power snacks and the occasional marine life encounter. I reckon this is the coolest tour and such a fun way to enjoy an afternoon in the sunny Islands.

15. Saturday & Sunday market in the Main Street / beach.

Every Saturday & Sunday morning from 7 Am - 12:00 pm there's a free market in the Main Street beach in front of Airlie Beach Hotel. It is such a cute market filled with artesian, fruits, food, even haircuts lol. Definitely a nice plan to go for a walk in the morning around the city & a nice breakfast.

16. Visit the Pub - Airlie Beach Hotel PUB

Airlie Beach Hotel PUB is a great place to lunch in or dine out. This place offers a great view, live music, good vibes, and good deal foods. A variety of menu to choose from & a salad & desert buffet! included in the main dish you order. Check this place out in the main road beach, there's no way to miss it & not try it!

17. Visit Northerlies beach bar/restaurant.

This is definitely a hidden gem im glad someone told me about. It is such a great vibe and amazing romantic view of the Airlie Beach bay. Great for Pizza lunch, drinks, and an outdoor afternoon chill afternoon by the beach. You must go in car or reserve the free courtesy van service they have here They also offer accommodation deals to really enjoy a relaxing honeymoon style weekend.

18. Eat in Beaches bar & grill

This place for lunch was probably our most visited when we wanted good food on a budget. Great food, vibes & deals. $15 meals including a drink (tap beer, sider, wine, soft drink) & they also have a vegetarian option the veggie stack, sooo good 👍 This estableshment also offers pool table and ladies night on Tuesdays with a chill night club vibe.

Thank you so much for checking out our main '#ThingstodoinAirlieBeach & what to do in Whitsundays Island. This place has definitely been one of my favourite places to live and explore, thats why its been so easy to really recommend the coolest spots & tours around this area.

Please leave your feed back and comments below if you have visited any of these pleces on your vacation trip & it this guide was helpful to you :)

Thank you & please share with any friends this guide if they are around the area ready to explore!

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