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East Coast Australia Roadtrip

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

The East Coast Australia road trip has been an iconic and important road trip for years by many tourist and long term travellers in Australia. Keep reading to discover the ultimate East Coast Roadtrip guide!

I can really understand why the East Coast of Australia has always and still remains the ultimate road trip. The stunning beaches all along the coast, great cafe spots, so many variety of free walks, hikes, and National parks to explore.

“Dreaming of visiting the amazing beaches & great barrier reef? Visit the East Coast of Australia with our free travel guide.

Ready to visit Queensland & the amazing East Coast of Australia, we got you set & ready with our free Tavel guide!

Table of Content

  1. How many days trip is this guide for?

  2. Where to go?

  3. Who to take the tour with? (*Travel Co.)

  4. What places to visit? (Free or $)

  5. Tours?

  6. Maps / Road conditions if its only for 4WD.

  7. Time drive between one destination to another

  8. EXTRAS: Where to eat / Sleep / camp.


Have you arrived to Australia in a popular city like Sydney or Melbourne? Grab a group of friends and travel the east coast of Australia NOW, with friends or even alone, trust me you will make tons of friends along the way, specially in the hostels. When I was traveling the east coast, it was such an amazing experience, because I discovered so many stunning beaches, coastlines, forest walks, and even the great Barrier reef, starting the trip with a few girls I didn’t even know from Sydney & on the road trip most of us had the SAME trip / famous east coast itinerary and always met up on the tours, making so many cool new friends !!!

A Trip you won’t regret & one to remember for the rest of your life!!!

Start your East Coast Roadtrip from Sydney - Airlie Beach Whitsundays
This 'East Coast, Australia' Travel Guide is a 14 day itinerary, aprox.

From Sydney - Airlie Beach, Whitsundays Island.


Places to visit:

  • Sydney

  • Byron Bay

  • Noosa

  • Rainbow beach

  • Fraser Island

  • Yepoon ( Keppel Island)

  • Airlie Beach

**** Find the *backpacker EastCoast tour* Travel company NAME that offers these full 14 day tour*****

Day 1: Departing from Sydney get your GPS on if your driving on your own/rental vehicle & head to Byron Bay ( The borders between NSW & Queensland)

First Iconic beach of many backpackers, tourist, van life, surfers, and Australians.

What to do in Byron Bay:

  1. First things first, grab your bikini & head to the main beach for a refreshing swim in their beautiful beaches.

  2. Rent a surf board for like $20 in a local surf shop near the beach, & give it a shot! If you came to Australia & didn’t surf, what did you come for?? Lol jk, but its great fun!

  3. Visit the light house & go for an iconic, beautiful scenery landscape walk to the light house & small tracks around.

  4. Go Kayaking to see the dolphins (Tour info. here)

  5. Quick 25 min. Drive to easy waterfall walks (waterfall info. here)

  6. Quick 19 min. Drive to Lennox heads, what a chill amazing town for a surf & a more chill, less crowded vibe. Also, van friendly town :)

- Distance: from Sydney - Byron 8 hrs. - 757 Km.

(2 days)

What to do in Noosa?

  1. Noosa beaches are one of the most beautiful ones in the East Coast, of Australia. Crystal clear turquoise blue, fresh, and some waves.

  2. Go for a swim,

  3. Walk the National Park, Coastal walk in Noosa (National park Noosa)

  4. Go to the fairy pools (Might be a bit dangerous to swim sometimes)

  5. Walk by Hestin St. (Main st.) and window shop around all the local boutiques

  6. Grab an ice cream

  7. & if your there on a sat. Or Sunday, catch the Emundi Market (Listed as one of the best markets in Australia)

( 2 days)

- Distance: from Byron - Noosa 3.20 hrs. - 300 Km.

What to do in Rainbow Beach:

  1. Iconic colourful stairs

  2. Sand surfboard

  3. Sunsets, because they’re is normally a rainbow near the beach & the rocks.

  4. Take the Fraser Island Tour. (Tour info. here)

- Distance: from Noosa - Rainbow Beach 1.30 hrs. - 117 Km.

(2 nights) 1 before & 1 after Fraser Island.

What to do in Fraser Island?

  1. Most people go with a tour to Fraser Island, because you need a 4WD, pay a ferry fee, and have a licence to drive in Fraser. I honestly think, it might be more convenient to go with a tour because they know exactly where to take you, most of the hidden gems are a bit of into land drive & there might be some licence rules to drive in Fraser Island.

  2. What places are a must to see with the tours in Fraser Island?

  • Lake McKenzie

  • 75 mile beach

  • Eli Creek

  • The Pinnacles

  • Lake Wabby

  • Champagne pools

  • Maheno ship wreck by the beach

(3 days)

What to do in Yeppoon, keeple Island ?

(Photos by: & @elliotjwills)

  1. Yeepoon is a cute city with so much to offer!! & most people tend to skip it. We are so glad we discovered this hidden gem place by a close traveler friend. So now I am more then happy to recommend this to y’all.

  2. Yeppoon Lagoon

  3. KEPPEL ISLAND!! ( The most beautiful, amazing island)

  • Ferry transfers with Keppel Konnections (30 min. ferry)

  • Monkey Point (including Long Beach)

  • The Lookout Trail

  • Leeke’s Beach Circuit

(3 days)

- Distance: from Rainbow Beach - Yeppoon 6 hrs. - 520 Km.

What to do in Airlie Beach?

  1. Airlie Beach lagoon

  2. Coral Beach Walk

  3. Hideway bay

  4. Hamilton island (Ferry transfer fee here)

  5. Hill -inlet White Haven Beach (Tour info. here)

  6. Walk around the main street @ night.

(2 days)

- Distance: from Yeppoon - Airlie Beach 5.30 hrs. - 510 Km.


Another amazing way to travel & discover the East Coast of Australia is by buying the full package with everything included. Tours, Accommodation, transport, ect.

**SIDE NOTE: I have not taken this tour before, please look for recommendations & information before paying



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